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  1. I saw that someone asked this a while back but nobody replied to it. Does anyone know anything about Pioneer Valley Hospital? Or IASIS healthcare in general? Are their nurse wages better than IHC or Mountain Star? Do they offer good benefits? Would you work with them over the other hospitals?
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  3. by   ICUman
    I know some information.
    Pioneer valley is the only hospital in the state that is eligible for government loan repayment. (HRSA Nurse Corps loan repayment). It is the catchment hospital for the Salt Lake City airport. If an event occurs on an airline, they receive the patient before any other hospital does because of their proximity.
    I do not know if they offer good benefits. I have heard they are skimpy. Iasis will pay a titch more than competing hospitals in the area. I have heard it is about a dollar or two more per hour.
    I have met a few employees that work with Iasis and they tell me working conditions are average. I personally would probably shy away from Iasis and focus more on the U hospital, or Intermountain.
  4. by   ARN23
    Thanks for the info. I was wondering because I got an interview for their ER but I didn't get the job. I probably would have taken it if they would have offered it to me though because I barely have one year RN experience so getting a job straight into the ER without having any med/surg experience would have been fabulous, considering also that I have been applying at many many hospitals around Utah for a while now and nothing. I just want an in to any hospital so that I can start getting experience! I thought that the fact that I'm bilingual would help but apparently that really doesn't matter around here ha
  5. by   ICUman
    There are residency programs that occasionally pop up with Intermountain. Check out their job board often to apply for them. Also, the U has year round internships that you can apply for. I believe they have ICU rotations and OR rotations. I think you'll find yourself successful if you continue interviewing and be smart in your responses. That's how I got into critical care. Interviewing well. Let me know if I can help you with any tips. Bilingual is a big plus.
  6. by   ARN23
    The problem is getting interviews. I've been applying for many different hospital job positions but no luck. It's pretty competitive right now