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  1. Hi I am looking into the Nightingale college school of nursing here in Utah and am just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the school or has personal experience about the college? They also have campuses in Colorado.
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  3. by   LpnUT
    I met a gentleman that told me he wanted to go there because it was accelerated. I had never heard of that place so I asked my instructor about it. She told me that last she heard they weren't accredited. I would definitely look into that before jumping in. I currently attend an applied technology college. It is a great program with TONS of clinical hours. I love it! Another bonus is the tuition is less than $4000. something to think about.Good luck
  4. by   lefty19
    I've never heard of the school. I did look at the website quickly. I'd advise going to a school that offers a BSN, or Bachelor's in Nursing as it is getting increasingly difficult to get a job in Utah without a Bachelor's degree. The website also says it only has "provisional approval" from the Utah State Board of nursing.

    I too went the route of an applied technology college with a bridge program to an AS degree in Nursing and was able to get immediately into the BSN program! Best of luck!
  5. by   Yuppers21
    I would worry less about a BSN program and concentrate more on getting a CNA/PCA/PCT job either before school or while in it. BSN is important, but right now the new grads that are most likely to get a job quickly are those who are already working in hospitals, clinics, agencies, ect. I would advise agaisnt any new program, especially the for-profit, private schools. Where do you live? Maybe we can guide you towards other programs that are established and hopefully not as expensive
  6. by   brcjames
    I am currently attending Nightingale College in Ogden, Utah and I love it. The school IS ACCREDITED. And it is a great school. It is very intense with lots of clinical hours. All of our classes are online, and we only have to come to campus to test, do labs, or if we need something. But we do have a student lounge that is open everyday for our use for studying and getting together. You have to be very self-motivated and dedicated. Our deans and instructors are amazing! The deans have both been nurses for over 30 yrs. They have an open door policy and we can talk to them at any time. They have even given us their cell phone numbers in case we need them after hours. The instructors are the same way. Everyone here really wants you to succeed and does everything in their power to make that happen. I would highly recommend Nightingale College to anyone looking for a nursing school. I love it here, and feel like I am getting a very good education. Feel free to reply if you have any questions; I'm more than happy to answer them for you.
  7. by   roth.joe
    I am a student at nightingale college in Ogden. I Can tell you why I chose to come to this college.

    - You get good professor/ instructor to student ratio. All the instructors take the time to explain things and won't let you walk away with questions about your concerns.
    - It's super convenient to do lectures. The first semester you go in for most lectures but the second semester it's all online. So I can listen to it live or listen to it when ever I want during the week. I can be in my own environment that best fits me to learn the material. I can reply lectures and pause them to write down the information I need.
    - I'm now into my 3rd semester and my group is great to study with and to help me figure out questions I might have. Study groups easily from with in the first day of coming to the college. The class groups are small (mine is 18 students), you get to know them really well and enjoy being around them to study or just be at school.
    - Clinical rotations range all across the nursing spectrum. You can really get a feel for what kind of nursing you would like to go into after you graduate.
    - The college sets you up with a lot of material to reference from so, if you don't quite get a concept, you can always find more information through books, instructors, or the web.
    - The college really focuses on critical thinking so that when it comes to tough questions on the test you can really think through things. It's a great set up for the NCLEX and term finals.
    - The college gives you independence and autonomy to become your number one advocate for your education. They give you the material and the dates to do it by and you schedule it all in your time frame.
    - There was no wait list to get into the program, I signed up, applied and got in. A Lot less stress to get into a nursing program.
    - At the interview and throughout my time here at the college I have only heard from instructors, faculty, and staff about how they are going to help me succeed and graduate. They want to see me graduate and become a nurse just as much as I do. The college staff has a good support system for student.
    - It's a faster program, 16 months. Meaning, get ready to study hard and learn a lot of material.
  8. by   lefty19
    If you click on the link below you will see that the accreditation according to their website is only provisional.

    Accreditation - Nightingale College, School of Nursing, School of Massage Therapy

    There was recently an issue with a nursing school in the Salt Lake Valley who had a nursing program but not enough of the graduates passed boards so there was a chance that they wouldn't have been accredited if the last two students didn't pass their board.

    I'd say go the tried and true route. My program was only 16 months as well but is fully accredited. I agree that working as a CNA will help you get your foot in the door so hopefully you'll be able to obtain employment upon graduation.
  9. by   gracie1992
    @brcjames: Hi I am currently looking into Nightingale, because I heard there is no waiting list. Is that true? Also, did you need to take any pre-reqs?
  10. by   brcjames
    You can bet my classmates and I will be passing the boards, but thanks for your concern. That thing in Salt Lake has nothing to do with us. We are a completely different school and have a completely different program. We are all doing very well and passing all of our HESI exams. You cannot judge one school by another's performance.
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    I'm glad you're looking into our school! It is true that we don't have a waiting list right now. And you do have to have all your generals done. The website have the complete list of what needs to be done before you can be accepted. Also, our Admissions people are more than happy to help you figure out what you need and what will count if you already have credits done somewhere. Curriculum - Nightingale College, School of Nursing, School of Massage Therapy Good luck to you! Let me know if you have anymore questions!
  12. by   Ashley86234
    I was around when this school opened, they bought our massage school to take the accrediation. Then there was some serioulsy SHADY buisness with the CEO of the nursing school....I was thinking of attending after i completed the massage program, but the school was disorganized. It seemed only SOME poeple needed to complete the pre requestites.....
    My personal opinon, the school has been open since april 2011...not really enough time to know if they are reputable or not, no way to have fair pass/fail rates. I do have a friend that finished the massage program and is going into the program next year, so to each his own.... I wouldnt risk it though, and really how much NURSING can you learn online....its a hands on career i cant imagine the quality of nurses coming out of an online school
  13. by   Julesmama28
    $17,600 estimated cost for one year tuition and fees...holy crap! That's one expensive "accreditation pending" ADN school! No waiting list is usually not the best sign for a nursing school these days either...I'd move on, sounds like you won't get your money's worth there.
  14. by   sam917
    I graduated from Nightingale College and I am now working at U of U hospital. The college was new when I started and any problems that came up were fixed immediatly and I am extremely happy that I attended.

    The school is Nationally accredited through ABHES and is a cadidate for NLNAC. I hear that their final site review is going to happen the first part of this year...go here to read more on their accreditation: I was able to sit for my boards (passed on the first time!) and got an amazing job which is all that matters.

    The price is more than a state college but I have been waiting for 2 years to get in with zero luck. The admissions at Nightingale was easy and this was a huge relief from my experience where they act like they don't want you.

    I highly recommend this nursing college to any person looking to be a registered nurse. I got my money's worth and while my friends sit on a waiting list I am working as an RN. What does that tell you?