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    I work at a level 1 trauma center on the east coast but I am from UT. I am very intrigued by the new hospital out there. I work in the OR and would like to know if anyone has experience working there. i would imagine you have 24/7 shifts since it is level 1. I have been eyeing their website, but would like to know first hand what it is like. Do you ever work with travelers? I MISS Utah, and reading your posts has made me home sick. I would like to either relocate someday or travel maybe in the summers w/my husband and kids. Thanks..

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    I am in class with a nurse who works in what she calls "shock/trauma" at the new hospital. She went to SLCC and has her associate nursing and is doing the RN-BSN program at the U, so she is in my chem class (I am taking the pre-reqs for the U accelerated BSN program). Anyway, I asked her about working there and she said they do not have any travelers that she knows about. She just graduated this past December and said that lots of other nurses she graduated with work there also. I don't know if that helps----
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    I just recently moved to Utah from California. Love being here as there are so many community events for the family. So worth the move!!
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    Yes, you will love Utah. People complain, and there are things I don't like about it and am happy to be away from, but until you are gone, you just don't realize all the great things there are. I am surprised the nursing schools are so competitive out there, though. I just got word that they are accepting out of state students to the online RN-BSN program at the U. That would be neat to get my BSN from Ut while out of state! I will have to look at tuition rates though. Enjoy the fresh mountain air for me!!