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  1. Hello,

    Quick question -

    Does anyone know about Broadview's night school RN program? I'm particularly interested in the schedule as I have a day job that I can't change.

    Secondly, their program is accredited by NNLAC but the school is accreditited by one of the bodies that many private, for-profit schools are. My ultimate goal is to be a FNP. Will I have any challenges with credits transferring even after I completed the program?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   redhead77
    The only things I know about Broadview is what you can find out by Googling, so not much help there. What I would say is that if you have specific schools in mind for your graduate studies, talk to someone there and see if they will take the credits. I know from talking to the head of the nursing program at Weber State that people are constantly upset when they find out the information they were told by people working at some private universities is less than true. I know that most of the public universities locally only accept credits from regionally accredited schools, which is what usually ends up causing the problem. Good luck with whatever you decide!