Anyone Attending Western Governors University Pre-licensure Nursing on Oct 2011?

  1. Hi everyone, is there anyone planning on attending the cohort on Oct 2011?

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  3. by   Careopag
    Hi! I'm still trying to start on my prereqs hopefully this summer. Most likely, I won't be able to make it by Oct. 11. Do you know how their enrollment goes? I mean, how many months from Oct until they take in new set of enrollees? Also, how strict are they on these prerequisites? Do they really require completion of each and every one of them? Thanks
  4. by   EVLGNUS
    Hi careopag,

    all i know is we have to finish all prereqs before applying for the next cohort, i'm taking biochem right now and i hope this is the last prereq that i need. how many do you still need to take?

    for the next cohort, i'm not sure when is the next one. I can ask them if you like. so far, they started a Jan. then Oct.
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  5. by   bg110273
    I too am hoping to get into the oct cohort. There is a cohort in aug but i am taking my last prereq this summer so wont quite make it. That aug is at huntington memorial, great hosp. In oct i am trying for cedars. I worry because i dont know how competetive it is and i only have an AA degree plus my phlebotomy and xray tech license. I wish i knew anyone else applying so speak up lol.
  6. by   rmcfarlane
    Waiting to hear from WGU myself! the August cohort at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena will be the first one at that location. Wondering when they will tell people if they're accepted or not.
    waiting is fun!! yikes
  7. by   bg110273
    Where are you taking biochem? The only one I can find is $770 thru UC Berkeley Have you guys found out anything as far as no of applicants? I was told last week that a lot of people apply but on average only 50 have met all the prereqs and they take 20 per cohort. If that is the case, thats not bad at all... anyone heard anything else? What areas of socal are you all from? Bernadette
  8. by   rmcfarlane
    Be glad you found a biochem class at all! The wait at some city colleges is crazy! At least you'll get it over with, surprised there is an online biochem class at all actually.
    I think we should have good luck at Huntington, it's the first group there and probably most of the people working there havent completed all the requirements yet.
    I live in Pasadena so it's only 5 minutes from my house!
    Watch out for Cedars, it's a great hospital but the traffic getting there is terrible.
    good luck Bernadette!
  9. by   rmcfarlane
    emailed WGU, reponse is that they will decide who is accepted in "a couple of weeks" so more waiting I'm afraid.
  10. by   Hexum944
    Hi guys, I'm applying for the August/October BSN Pre-licensure cohort. I spoke with my admissions advisor a few days ago and was told that there is no October cohort, only August. I was surprised because last month I was told by a different advisor that there was both August and October. So I'm not sure what's going on for sure, but I was assured there will only be the August one for now.

    I was also told that I'm one of the top applicants, and that I am basically guaranteed a admission, so I am really excited about that, but am still not getting my hopes up in case I don't get accepted. I have a good TEAS score, good GRE score, an AA in Liberal Arts, a bachelors in Health Science, am an EMT, and have lots of shadowing MDs PAs and RNs. I've completed all the pre-reqs including biochemistry with an A. I hope it's enough to get me in!

    I was told that the admission committee should make their decisions next week and that I should be told next week if I get in. Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   rmcfarlane
    so WGU will let us know in early July? I sure hope so, the suspense is killing me! are you going to Huntington or one of the other hospitals?
  12. by   Hexum944
    I just found out that I was accepted into the program! I start August 1, 2011. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
  13. by   mom2doubles
    Congrats! I also just got accepted and will start Aug.1st! Good Luck!! This has been a loong process for me but I am so happy!!
  14. by   Hexum944
    Quote from mom2doubles
    Congrats! I also just got accepted and will start Aug.1st! Good Luck!! This has been a loong process for me but I am so happy!!
    Congrats to you as well! Im excited to see which hospital I go to.