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UTA FNP Spring 2019

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1 hour ago, alice100 said:

Thank you for your input! Do you think it is better to take all those theoretical courses like ethics and research first before the actual professional courses?

My current degree plan has some random order, I think. I just completed  Nursing theories and doing Research right now. My next course is Patho..

I did all the easy classes first because it was easy to do while working. With clinicals and some of the harder classes, you might want to go PRN or take some time off to complete these. Depending on if that’s even an option, but I don’t know how people could do patho/pharm with a busy life! (It’s definitely possible, it would just be awful!) But for me, it made sense!

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Hello! I just found out that I was accepted into the UTA May 20, 2019 cohort! I'm excited and nervous the same time! 

Is there anyone else with this start date? I would love to join a group so that we could help each other along the way! 

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