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UTA Academic Partnership BSN program

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Hey everyone! I recently just decided to go back to school to work on my second bachelor's degree and found out about this cool opportunity at UTA to complete my BSN online! I am so excited about this journey but have a few questions for anyone who has started the application process or who has been through the application process at UTA for this program. I reapplied to the university and was able to use my old username and password from attending previously so that was awesome. After my application went through I had to send my transcripts from the community colleges I have been attending. Now, the university has received my transcripts but my MyMav says the application is still pending and that an academic advisor from the academic partnership is looking over everything for eligiblility. Does anyone know from experience how long this part takes? It seems like they have been looking over the application for a couple weeks now. Any help would be awesome :) thank you!!



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I am currently a nursing student in the UTA AP BSN program. If I remember correctly, I believe I submitted my application in August of 2014 and acceptance letters did not go out until mid October or early November for the Spring 2015 start. I do remember that it took a couple months to hear anything back, after I verified that they had received all of my transcripts and I had completed the application correctly all I could do was wait. Waiting is no fun :( you'll get an e-mail if you're accepted, wait-listed or not accepted into the program. Make sure you can access your MavMail (I have mine forwarded to my personal e-mail account so I make sure not to miss anything), they will only call you if you are wait-listed and then a spot opens up, otherwise they just send an e-mail and once you are accepted you only have a week or 2 to accept your spot in the program. Then comes the fun of submitting all kinds of paperwork to get ready for orientation. It is an amazing program and I have nothing but good things to report about the school, faculty and the nursing program at UTA. Good luck!

Danilu14 thank you so much!! The waiting game just makes me so crazy!! :) Good luck to you! Thank you for the words of encouragement!