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Hey Guys,

I've been a silent lurker for the past few years. Everyone had a lot of great and helpful insight to applying to CRNA school. I want to thank you for all for the valuable advice. It really helped me follow through with my plans to attend CRNA. Yesterday was probably one of the happiest days of my life when I found out that I was accepted to UT Houston Fall 2009!!! I wanted to make a thread to see who my classmates are. I'm really excited to meet all of yall and hope that we can be study buddies!


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Hi Longhorn,

First of all, CONGRAT'S!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's quite appropriate that an Aggie replies to your thread first, this is my first post as well...regardless, I too found out yesterday that I was accepted to UT's program. The emotions that I have felt in the past 24 hours cannot be described, but lets just say very excited!!! I work at Methodist in CVICU and have four other friends that will be joining me as well...all good people!!!!! Can't wait to start meeting our future classmates!!!!


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WOW CONGRATULATIONS!!! Anesthesiology is a very competitive program! It is what I aspire to do when I grow up. Currently I'm trying to get into the generic BSN program at UT and will one day (hopefully) get to apply into a CRNA program. Do you mind telling me what you think might have gotten you into the CRNA program at UT houston? For example, information on your background, previous education, and application process will be of great value to future applicants like me. Let us know how the ride was for you. I thank you in advance!


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Hey Hnhoang,

It's hard to say what UT Houston wants. But I suggest after graduating from a BSN program, take O chem (doesn't matter if it's from a community college or university), seek employment in a high acuity ICU preferably somewhere in the Houston medical center where you will get the best experience and gain opportunities to work with medically complex patients requiring multiple vasoactive drips, hemodynamic monitoring, and ventilator management. Your experience along with GRE, GPA, and certifications such as the CCRN will help you gain admission to UT Houston. The application process was not bad at all it was mostly online including the essay. But there were some items that you had to turn in to the registrars office, so sometimes it can be a little frustrating cause some items will turn up "missing". Consequently you have to call the admission office 4-5x a week, hahaha, to make sure they received all your stuff. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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Hi Longhorn & AGRNA

Congratulations! I was also accepted to UT- It feels so great that finally all the hard work thus far has paid off! I can't wait for the real work to start, and I can't wait to meet everyone in our class!

Have a great summer!




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hello every one

i applied to twu for their 2010 spring session and will apply to uthsc .i have few questions and i really want an advise.

first question

which school is more good in their programme?

2nd question

what is a typical life of bsn student at ut?i mean typical day schedule

3rd question

is this will be ok if i drive there everyday from kingwood to medical center daily?

i need to make arrangements according to all of your advices?

and in advance i am thankful by taking some time out to read this message.


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hi everyone,

congratulations! I am not applying to an msn program yet however i did have a question. i have recently been accepted to UTMB for their summer BSN program and UTHSC for their fall program, which school would you recommend? would it be wrong to choose UTMB just because i would graduate 4 months earlier?



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Hi AGRNA, congrats on ur admission!! I hope u don't mind me asking you some questions. How long did u work in the CVICU? I plan to work at methodist too and really like CVICU. Do they have an internship program or do u have to intern in the other ICUs before CV? I learnt they are in a hiring freeze now, how bad is it? What is the best route to the methodist CVICU?


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How long is the UTMB BSN program? UTHSCH bsn program, although starts in the fall, is only 1.5 years--4 consecutive semesters including summer. I'm sure you already know this but I would going to a school within the medical center would give you a wider range of clinical exposure. But then again I don't know how the UTMB system is set up for you to do that. However, personally and a lot of people I know would pick UTHSC in an instant.

Hope I helped.


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Thanks! I have decided to wait until the fall to attend uthsc. I always wanted to work in the medical center and i think i will get more chances to do clinicals there by attending uthsc and building relationships with the staff there.

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