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Does anyone out there have any experience with, or have any thoughts about UT Arlington School of Nursing? I'm considering switching careers and the BSN program at UTA seems like the best option for me. I'd love to hear any thoughts you might have about the quality of the education, the reputation, etc.

I'm also curious if any of you feel being male would be a help or hinderance in any way during the application process? Would a school like UTA SON think males would add to the diversity, or is it perhaps an "old girls club" kind of environment?



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I don't know much about UTA but since you are in Fort Worth you are close to Texas Christian University. That is a great school and they have a great nursing program. That's the school I attended while my husband was stationed in Texas. Sadly he got transfered before I got the chance to finish. I'm at USC now and I miss TCU so much.



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i have not personally attended uta, but from everything i've heard, it's a good school to attend. can't give you any feedback on the male issue, as i haven't heard about that at all. the school i attend (trinity valley community college - health science center in kaufman) has a uta adn-bsn distance course that is taught by one of our sophomore instructors. she is a wonderful instuctor and has even written a review book for lippincott. she is very knowledgable and easy to work with. she has given uta rave reviews (could be because they pay her...lol). but i have heard excellent comments from other sources as well. good luck in your decision.



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Hey---I'm in my first semester in the nursing program at UT Arlington. I really like it. The professors are great so far. There are about 8 guys in my class, but I don't know how many males applied. From what I have heard, about 600 people applied, and they accepted 100.

PM me if you want any more information---I'll be glad to help.


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Go to TCU! I graduated in 96 and felt very prepared and clinicals are guaranteed. While I was in college several people transferred to TCU just to get clinicals! However that is the only draw back I have heard about UTA. I don;t think that being a male will get you special consideration, but I think GPA and motivation will. TCU is expensive, but worth every penny! GO FROGS!

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