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To the USUHS alumni out there, what is a good biochemistry to take? I want to apply in 2019 for the 2020 class and found out that the deadline is 31Jun2019. However, I am deploying for 6 month in October and won't get back until early May 2019. So, is there a good biochem that is completely online (no clinical/lab) that doesn't require an organic chem prereq? I was considering the Berkley option, but I'm not the biggest fan of the in person final being worth 60% of the grade. Does anyone have any other options to consider?

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I am not an USUHS alumni but I am a current USAGPAN student and applied to both USUHS and USAGPAN. I took the University of New England Online Medical Biochemistry class. There is no lab required and it is what was recommended to me by the local Chief CRNA responsible for writing my recommendation. It mentions that it requires a semester of organic chemistry as a prerequisite but it didn't ask me to supply any proof that I had taken o chem previously. I would stay away from Berkeley's class. A peer of mine took it and he said it was very difficult and most of the exams were short essay. UNE"s was medical biochemistry so you did not have to learn any of the plant pathways as well, the class was very doable and has helped prepare me for some of the didactic classes I have taken now that I am in school. Only issue possibly is you have to take two proctored exams using a webcam through their service. Not sure how good your internet service will be downrange, but I know when I was downrange it was somewhat variable and would be shutdown from time to time. Good luck in your application and stay safe downrange.

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I applied to USAGPAN (didn't attend for personal reasons though) and they accepted this course from Weber state. It was very doable.

Iowa central community college, it's what a lot of people in the ARMY use. Pretty much an easy A from what I have heard. I personally know 5 people who have taken that class and they all got an A.

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