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Using a Travel Agency as a way to move?


Hey all :D,

I am currently considering a move to Austin, Tx. I have been offered a position with American Travelers and they have a few contracts in the area. I am considering taking a contract just as a way to help me with relocation but do not really plan to continue to travel. Is this a bad idea?



bagladyrn, RN

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Look over any contract you accept before doing this to see if it has a clause stating that you cannot work at the facility for a specified period of time unless it is arranged through the agency. Many agencies have this clause (usually hidden somewhere in the handbook). In signing the one to two page "contract" you receive it will say something like "agree to all conditions set forth in the handbook".

Such a restriction can likely be sucessfully fought, but many hospitals would see it as not worth the hassle.

However, in an area with multiple hospitals you could certainly take a contract at one and use the time to apply at the others.

As a side note - if you give up your current living situation to travel to another area on a contract with the intention of relocating you are considered an "itinerant worker" and all the money paid by the agency for housing, M&I, travel, etc. is taxable income not tax free (no matter what some recruiter may tell you).


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You have a great idea. I moved to PA using that method. The travel company will pay your mileage. I traveled for a year in Philadelphia before I got a staff position.

If there is demand travel in the same area is great. I worked at several area hospitals so I knew where I wanted to go.

One thing you have to consider is your tax home. The company can explain this. If you take the housing they provide it is usually tax free, unless you move there. Definitely consider this when you get a contract.


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It's a good idea & will help you get a feel for the area. My current hospital requires you complete 2 contracts before signing on permanently..not sure if this is the norm, but something to think about.

bagladyrn, RN

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There is more to "tax home" and tax free status than simply whether you "move there". Recruiters from companies are not tax experts and may give you misinformation on this either inadvertantly or as part of the "sales pitch".

There is a tax person who is quite well versed in this and has a site where he offers general information. Try looking up Travel Tax for more on this.

Not trying to dissuade you, just don't want to see anyone unknowingly get in IRS trouble.