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Using cameras to track wound healing

by Kabin Kabin Member

What's the status these days? I hear some companies allow cameras. Are there restrictions? No face shots etc?


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Our home health company has demanded wound photos q 14 days for several years. We use a sticker type pre printed wound label that has a measuring guide on it, the patient episode number (names violate some hippa law) the wound site and the date of the photo taken. We get chart audits and nasty notes from quality assurance folks if the photos are not on the chart q 14 days. The say you can take the photos earlier but not later. I have had a couple patients with wounds in very private areas that refuse photo documentation, of course we are to cover anything "exposed" if the wound is not located on private areas. I have one lady that won't even allow wounds of her bottom, nor do I blame her. I just document patient refuses photos if they will not allow photos to be taken.

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I work in a hospital-based wound care clinic.

We measure and picture wounds every week. We use Pt labels on post-it notes stuck to paper rulers and only frame the wound. Eveything goes directly from the tablet computers camera into our EMR, so names are not an issue with HIPPA, etc.

We have patients sign a photo consent at their consult visit and establish from day one that photos are a standard part of treatment. So far no one has objected to a wound photo.

IIRC, I think the standard of care says pics every month at minimum (pt's still having the right to refuse of course).

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l have never been in an environment where this is acceptable. Too bad, I think it's a good idea. I can describe and receive descriptions, where no nurse is surprised. I just think about the lay person, showing the photos and teaching how this equals improvement, and this is something that is troublesome.

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comma intentional in previous post.