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Use of IS with COVID

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It's common practice to use incentive spirometry (IS) post-op to prevent pneumonia, it's also used for lung injury and fever reduction.

I haven't seen any data yet about the use of IS with COVID or prevention, but I believe it reasonable to assume that it could reduce the number of COVID+ developing pneumonia and requiring ventilation.

It's not costly. People can also be taught breathing exercises without the use of equipment.

Is anyone specifically using IS for COVID patients in their hospital? Or have an article to share?

It sounds like most people who end up with severe disease go down so rapidly and severely that encouraging IS isn't an option. Maybe it'd be a bit helpful for people w/ mild-moderate symptoms...

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What about aerosolized virus particles? The device is self contained, but I cannot imagine that would not generate virus scatter. Any data out there to suggest otherwise?


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I can tell you that my Covid patient would break out in a coughing fit every time she used hers. Not saying IS is a bad thing or a good thing in this situation but this patient only really coughed if she used it. I certainly don't want to be in the room during use due to viral spread.


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