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USA legistlation process question - Especially for Suzzane...

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Hello, while the US senate is currently debating the New CIR I have a question regarding the whole legistlative process in the US, as the fact that it has two houses of representatives makes it quite different from my country.

I read on the Internet the porpose of the two houses, and I understood the process of each one making his own law and then a conference is formed...


are the Senate and the House really separated, I mean: is it possible that the current debate in the Senate is not in collaberation with the house and it is very possible that the House is completely against a law that the Senate spend a lot of time making?

I know what happened last year with the CIR so I know that the answer for my question is Yes, but is it possible that they are going to do the same thing all over again?

The second question is regarding the conference...

what happenes if the Senate passes the law that they are debating on right now and the House passes the STRIVE Act? what happens then at the conference (regarding for example the Merit-based system, which the strive act dont include)

Thanks, It is not a critisism on the system, I just want to understand the idea of the legistlative process and to know if the senators at this stage are even considering their moves with collaboration with house representatives...

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We have a House of Representatives and the Congress. Two separate legislative bodies. Both will have to come to a joint decision, approval by one of them does not mean that it becomes law. Needs approval of both before it is sent to the President to sign.

The CIR is expected to be 1000 pages, we have not seen even half of it yet. Not all has even been written at least as far as what we are hearing over here at this time. There is no one that has seen it all, even a member of House of Representatives, or Congress.

I still do not want to see the nurses included in the CIR, would like them to have their own separate bill or act. I have way too many issues with what is being included in the CIR at this point, so do many others here that are following it from this side.

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