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Hi all. I'm an RN in the US, about a year and a half post-licensure/registration, toying with the idea of travelling to the UK in the next year or so. I'm a little confused by the different parts of the NMC Register; as a holder of a BSN in the US, is it true that I'm only eligible to apply for adult nursing? I know that NICU is one of the few nursing specialties still on the occupation shortage list (my 1.5 years of experience have all been in a tertiary level NICU), but would I be eligible to take a NICU position as an RNA? If not, what is this "12 month children's nursing course" the NMC mentions, and would I be able to enroll in that as a foreign nurse?

Thanks for any insight!

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To become a RNSC (RN sick children)you have to do a further post graduate course. The demand for these courses is quite high I believe so you would have to talk to the universities yourself to see what they can do. Most are affiliated with a children's hospital so you could try googling children's hospitals in England.

I don't think that there is any getting around this requirement, as far as I am aware you need it to be registered as a RNSC. You may be eligible to register as a RGN (Registered General nurse) and work on a peads ward but you need to check out with the NMC re requirements

P.S what do you mean by a RNA??

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I am not sure about the NMC bit. However, as an adult nurse you can work on NIC as many adult nurses do. So this should not be a problem.