US prenursing student wanting to apply to masters in UK.



I'm currently in a dilemma. I've been taking nursing prereqs the past year, and have been applying to various masters entry programs (my bachelor was in history) throughout the US (UCSF, Yale, UPenn, Columbia, JHU).

Evidently, there is a strong possibility that my husband will be moving to Manchester, UK for 3 years due to work. Are there similar programs I can apply to? What are the deadlines and requirements? If I get a degree in UK, how does that transfer to the US when I go back in 3 years? Should I just put my life on hold for those 3 years?

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If I remember rightly masters is a post grad qualification so would have to do RN training first. Getting to do your RN in the UK may be hard due to the way the NHS pays for nurse training and not many universities allow International students for nurses. May need to contact the universities around Manchester and discuss options with them

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Silverdragon is quite right, masters is a post registration qualification so you would need to be a qualified nurse before being accepted.

It'll be difficult to get a place in the UK on nurse training as it's government subsidised and places are offered to UK citizens first.