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US Airforce


This is my situation..

2013 BSN graduate in the Philippines

2014 New York RN

I tried joining the us airforce with my BSN and RN license as an officer, but they would not acknowledge my degree because USAF does not have an accredited program in the Philippines.

I am an american citizen, I want to join the Air Force and work on my master's degree. Can I join the US Airforce as an enlisted, and obtain my masters degree as an enlisted?

Silverdragon102, BSN

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jfratian, MSN, RN

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You can't work as an RN in the military without a BSN degree that the AF recognizes. All RNs MUST be officers. If you did enlist, you would be practicing as a medical technician/CNA. You'd enter as an E3 and make about half the money that you make as an RN in the civilian sector.

If you did enlist and used the $4500 per year of tuition assistance to get your master's part time, you would not automatically commission. Plenty of enlisted people have master's degrees.

My advice would be to get your master's degree from a U.S. school that the Air Force accepts before trying to join. Then, you'll be able to commission without a problem.