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I am a foreign graduate BSN, RN and interested to apply in the military, US Air Force. I was advised to take Masters Degree in Nursing CCNE accredited school here in US to be accepted.

1.) Is Aspen University (Masters Degree) Accepted by US Air Force (Medical Recruiter)?

2.) What is the process of applying as an RN in US Airforce?

3.) I have 15 Years Operating Room Experience in Foreign Country, will that be counted as experience upon application in USAF

Thank You.

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1) Is it CCNE accredited? If so it should be good, contact a healthcare recruiter to find out

2) Long

3) Not sure, again contact a healthcare recruiter

Are you a US citizen? You need to be a US citizen to have a commission in the US military.

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1. According to Aspen's website, yes it is CCNE accredited. It would therefore be acceptable to the AF.

2. You go on the AF's website, use the 'find a recruiter tool,' and follow the prompts. The application cycle and process lasts about 6 months; you typically won't start training until about 6 months after that.

3. I don't know about foreign OR experience. That is a tough question and I am not sure. On the bright side, if you have an MSN that starts you as an O-2. If you have at least 4 years of full time RN experience in the US in addition to that MSN, that starts you as an O-3. Generally, non advanced practice nurses don't initially commission higher than O-3.

You will need to be a U.S. citizen and renounce your other citizenships in order to apply.

If you don't already have that MSN, I highly recommend OR clinical nurse specialist. With your OR background, that would really help your application.

Thank You for the response. I already contacted a recruiter, just waiting for the reply. Thank You

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