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Urology nurse practitioner

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Question, I have interviewed for a Urology position with a surgical urologist. I will be working in her office while she does surgeries. Estimate how much does urology nurse practitioners make?? She will train me. I need help when negotiating salary


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Are you a NP that is looking to specialize?

Or an RN who is looking at a job in a urologists

FYI, doctor's offices always pay less than hospitals and rarely match union rates.

It's at a hospital ( medical group) I think I'll be offered the job just want to know if I'm being low balled. She also does. Thanks

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Are you a NP?

Sorry, but Your posts don't strike me as necessarily coming from an advanced practice nurse and your other thread requests salary info as a "nurse no."

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?? In my title says nurse practitioner.. maybe I was not clear enough. I am a ARNP, with no experience as a Urology NP. Physician I interviewed with is a urologist who has a PA. She is willing to train me in urology to work independently in clinic while her and PA mostly conduct elective surgeries. I currently work in family practice. I wanted to see if there was any Urology NPs that can give me a salary range or their salary. I have 1 yr experience as a FNP