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Urinary System Disorders... ugh.

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So, my class just started urinary system disorders... My head is spinning. My instructor goes really fast, and even though I KNOW how normal kidney's function, I'm having some trouble UNDERSTANDING how they work... as far as blood pressure regulation, RAA mechanism, GFR, ADH. I've read and re-read the A&P chapter on normal kidney function and have gone back and forth from disorders to normal function in an attempt to understand the basic concepts. I'm overwhelmed. The urinary system is not my favorite system, but I do understand that the kidney's affect all the other major organs in the body. Anyone know of any other resources that can help me to break it down a little better. This is one subject that every class before has said, if you don't get this, you're in trouble. Study hard. But it's so overwhelming. How do you keep it straight? I haven't come this far in my program (I graduate in 5 more months) to fail out now. If anyone out there understands the urinary system, hit me up. I sure could use some help. Websites, books, whatever you've got... Thanks y'all!:redpinkhe

I've found that if I get confused over a system, I break it down a little at a time. First, make sure you have the anatomy down. Then tackle each subsystem. And make GOOGLE your friend. You can find TONS of information that speak to everyone from the truckdriver to the surgeon. Find the information that makes it clear to YOU. Then learn it in chunks. Blood pressure regulation. Glomerular filtration. Loop of Henle. Once you get each individual subtopic down, then you can more easily understand when it doesn't work properly. Don't let it overwhelm you.

Good Luck!


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I would look into getting Saunder's Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-PN. This is a valuable resource for understanding all this information that is thrown at us each day in lecture. Everything is broken down by systems and in outline form so it is really easy to grasp the information.

Also, try looking at youtube and see if there are any videos on the Urinary System that might help grasp the information.

Best of luck to you.