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URI BSN senior wondering about job market for new grads in RI



I will be graduating this may with a BSN. I currently am working a home-health CNA job, and have just started a nursing home CNA job. I have a primary interest in geriatrics, psychiatric, and medical-surgical nursing. However, I have an interest in getting a medical-surgical nursing job in the next few years as a great way to "jumpstart" my career. Does anyone have advice on getting a new graduate nurse job in RI? Thank you ahead for your advice.


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Hi Alyssa Jessica,

Sorry this is such a late response! I graduated last May from URI.... the job market in medsurg has been a roller coaster the past year. I was hired relatively quickly into a tele/medsurg RN position after working at that hospital for over a year as a CNA. Some hospital such as Saint Anne's in Fall River were hiring new grads before graduation, while the lifespan hospitals hired RNs in the summer and even a larger group late in the fall during a great "hiring fair".

My advice is to continue gaining CNA experience, even consider applying to CNA positions in hospitals, that will look great on your resume. During your last semester, build connections with hospital staff you meet during clinical rotations- you might be able to use them as a reference when applying to jobs. Last but not least, it is never too early to start looking at jobs now. Many teaching hospitals hire new graduates prior to graduation such as Baystate medical center in springfield massachusetts.

Hope that helps!

Hi Heartaflutter and AlyssaJessica21,

Can you please share your experiences with URI program? I talked to one of the advisor for the RN-BSN online program and I am very interested. How is the program? Is it doable with full time work and busy family life? how are the classes?

Appreciate any info!

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I will be starting the online RN to BSN in September. They took a lot of my credits..