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I am waiting for the board to send my license to home, how long it will take?. I found that I passed a week ago, I found that I passed and I am at risk of loosing a job offer because they need to see a copy of my license.please respond...:cry:


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Nancie, HR knows they can verify your license online. My job accepted my license # until the hard copy came in. It takes awhile.

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can you get a printout online? I know my state I can.


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I took my boards June 28th and received my lic in the mail July 13th. However, my lic number was posted online a full week before that. They can verify your lic number until you get the actual lic in the mail. Hope that helps.


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I guess they need a license with my picture..I am going to talk to them today..Thanks for the replies.


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I don't know if other states are different but Massachusetts doesn't have a picture on your license. It's just a card like your CPR or social security card.

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Are you sure they don't mean your driver's license? MA definitely does not have photos on nursing licenses but you do need photo ID for HR to identify you. When I got my license 2+ years ago, I saw my license # on the BON 5 days after I took the NCLEX and got my paper license in the mail a month later. I had already started my RN job by then.

Congrats on the job offer!


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They needed both,I figured it out, thanks April!

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