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Hi All,

I am currently an inpatient RN. However, I am getting burnt out and need a change of pace. I am strongly considering changing to Urgent Care.

I am curious what kind of pace I can expect from Urgent care, also what a typical day might look like.

I am also wondering what the pay might look like.

Any information is much appreciated. Thanks!

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I worked in urgent care for two weeks and HATED it! It was just very boring, literally mostly rooming patients and discharging them, with an occasional IM or PO medication. Also have to do all the labs which truly stinks. Got a poop sample guess who gets to dive into it and get it ready to ship to a lab, urine same thing, strep, and flu etc. We had techs that did most of the rooming and VS, and some of the lab stuff, but we still had to go in and do a basic assessment. It just didn't feel like a real nursing job to me, and I felt like a medical assistant would be more appropriate.

There are some hospital based urgent care centers in southern NH as well as some privately owned ones. I would just search the internet and see what you find. I am not sure what part of NH you are in, but Elliot Hospital, CMC, and Concord Hospital as well as Souther NH medical center all have urgent care centers you could look into. If you are in southern NH and can get a MA license I would, as it is worth the 14.00 and hour more in pay!!


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