Urgent care clinics


I'm curious...I think I would be interested in working in an urgent care setting, but can FNPs work there or do employers prefer ACNPs?? Also, is the work in the urgent care clinic similar to that of fast track ER??

I know I dont graduate until next year, but I want to start getting an idea of potential future employment opportunities early on!!

Thanks for any input!


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Urgent care clinics use FNPs and ICUs in hospitals use ACNPs.


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I am not aware of groups preferring ACNP over FNP. What is important is that you can see kids so FNP rather than ANP is important.

UC vs a fast track or ED is a good question and is more relevant as to the clinic. I am in a free standing 24/7, 30,000 yr UC part of a larger medical system. We have digital radiology, most of your usual labs. If I have a "complaint" it is that "sick" folks such as abd pain, open fractures et et we send to the ED rather than get the experience working them up through admit or discharge. That being said there is interesting line that I see on what one is willing to send to imaging outpatient for belly pain or what is easier just to send to the ED, and move on to the next patient. At times I work alone or have 1 or two other providers with me. We are a mixed lot of NP's, PA's, MD's and DO's.

Some of my cohort also work in the mothership ED/fasttrack. They generally see less patients and ones that are a touch sicker, or a least work up the sick ones they do see. So yes there is a difference. I myself have declined work in the mothership up to this point so I do not have that reference, but I may change that soon.

I like the work, was a experienced ED/ICU/airlift type and my biggest challenge is always what to do with that half sick person I would like to sit on a bit longer and do I do that by sending them to the ED and then be discharged or sit on them myself and see which way they go. After a couple of years I do enjoy it still, love working in my home community and taking care of my neighbors. I do however get a roving eye looking for more challenging work…….not to say my setting is not challenging I learn something new everyday. Its just that UC work is mostly URI,cough cold,UTI mixed in with a occasionally really SICK person that tries to save money by a UC and not ED.