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I am looking to do the RNBS transfer to OHSU through OCNE and it says in the degree plan you need 15 upper division course electives from another instution. I'm just curious if anyone has done the RNBS program through OHSU and what courses they used for their upper division. I just don't want to make sure I take the right classes.

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I'm in the traditional BSN program at OHSU -- I took all my upper division courses in psych so I could get a minor in psychology through SOU.

So it doesn't matter what the courses are as long as they're upper division? I'm current working on a bachelors degree, BS in Health Sciences, through Purdue global while I'm finishing up my contract in the navy so all my upper division will be in health sciences. I just wanted to make sure they didn't have to be arts and letters or something specific.

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As long as they're 3-400 level courses they'll count. You might already meet the requirements from courses you've done for your BS

Thank you so much! That puts me at ease!

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What gere7404 said is totally on point. For my upper division coursework I decided to take classes that I was interested in and wouldn't otherwise need to take. My credits are split between forensic anthropology, criminal justice, and psychology.

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