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UPMC bought out my hospital at one point- since closed. The employees I worked with who moved on in their system have pretty much all left since then. Not happy. I do not like their culture. Their philosophy seems to be it is us or nothing. Cult like? I have a friend that works at UPMC Passavant and she is happy. Another friend who works at another Northern UPMC facility- Shenango? She is happy. Lots of transfer opportunities. That is a plus.

West Penn/AGH seems to have a better culture- patient centered. They are great facilities. Shaky finances but I would rather work for them myself and I keep hoping they will buy out my hospital. I am glad that they are teaming up with Highmark even though it should not have to be that way. It is a smart survival strategy.


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Wow..the shift differential thing is a joke. We've been planning to move to Pitt next year, but w/o night differential or OT...not sure how I can make finances work. Has it really been everyone's excperiance that night differential is only $1hr more? I guess I could pick up a p/t job also. What are some strategies others have used to make some extra money?


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If you search facebook for "UPMC Careers" you will find their page where you can ask any questions you have and get decent, quick answers. If you have too many questions or they can't answer them they will send you in the right direction. Also, if you have trouble finding work keep in mind smaller, more independent companies such as The Children's Institute or The Children's Home of Pittsburgh. Both are almost always hiring nurses.


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Just a bit of info on my experiences...

We are relocating to PGH next week again....

I applied for a position at AGH, interviewed a few days later, and accepted the position the same day as my interview.

I have a little over a year experience...from where I am moving from, I will be making $3 more an hour in Pittsburgh.

I am coming from a recently acquired UPMC and wanted to stay out of their hospital system for now. Not a huge fan of the takeover I experienced there...

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