UPMC Shadyside - Fall 2012 new student check-in

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Anyone else here starting at Shadyside SON in Sept? Tell us a little bit about yourself - like are you going to the full time or eve/weekend program? Where are you from?How old are you?Do you currently work in healthcare?What would you like to do after you graduate - what area do you think you'd like to specialize in?

Me! I'm starting full time in Sept. I don't work in healthcare so this will be a major life change for me. From fox chapel, but live in the east end. Ideally I'd like to do anesthesia , emergency or ortho when I'm done, but ultimately when I graduate I will just be looking at more school, lol. I'm 27 in life, but 75 at heart. Maybe the old-timeyist person in town.

hi! i am starting in september. i'm really looking forward to meeting everyone. i'd like to eventually do peds. hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their summer!

Did you all get your orientation letter in the mail

Hey guys,

This isn't really relevant, but I was hoping someone could help me out here since this is the only active thread about Shadyside on this forum. My admission was deferred to the Jan 2013 start date since I applied pretty late in the game, but my question is whether or not you guys will be working (full time or part time)? I know the Sept start date is designed to allow students to work, but I would like to be able to work at least part time as well. Do any of you know whether or not the Jan 2013 class schedule allows for that since it's full-time day track?

Did you apply for the evening weekend program? To my knowledge that's the only one really designed for working people. The full time schedule for all start dates is the same I think, one is just a semester behind the other. I will be working part time even though I'm in the Sept full time program. But I have also already taken 90% of the college courses, so ill be able to only have 2 classes a semester for a while.

Help! I have not received my book list and I am starting school in one week. I have asked the school many times and I feel like I am just being put off. I had my compliance meeting last Wednesday and I thought I would get it then but she told me to just expect it to come in the next few days and it didn't!! At this point I will not be able to get any good deals or even have my books in time for class. Please help! If you have the list and can email it to me it would be greatly appreciated!

[email protected]

hey cbarbello. I'll scan it in and email it to you.

Hi! I'm thinking about applying to Shadyside for next fall. How do you guys like it? Did you have to buy an iPod touch like the students did at mercy? If any of you have completed your pre-reqs already, does it make your schedule more manageable? Thanks for any insight!

How far do you all live from the school/hospital? I heard that Shadyside SoN students do most of their clinicals at several off-site hospitals instead of UPMC Shadyside. Do you all have cars or does anyone use public transportation?

Don't go to SSON!! Trust me! Smoke and Mirrors! A former classmate said they use psychological warfare- which is true!! Don't waste all of that money for a Diploma and then have to spend even more if you opt for Chatham for the BSN which is even more money!! It's craziness in every way.

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