UPMC Mercy SoN Class of 2014.... Study Group?


Hello! I was accepted into the Class of 2014 and I was wondering if there's anyone else out there that wants to start a study group? Let me know! :)

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where do you live at? i live all the way out in beaver county so i was considering taking the bus into the city for class. but if everything syncs up, consider me in!


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Actually, I live in Beaver County right now also! I might be staying at my sister's in Pittsburgh for the majority of the time, but we could definitely work something out!

Specializes in transplant/case management. Has 8 years experience.

sounds good! i know there are 4 of us so far that are on here that have been accepted. so maybe they'll want to study too.


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That also sounds wonderful. :) I'm looking forward to it so much!

I would be interested in a study group, let me know you guys start up something!


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I would like to be in the study group as well! Keep me posted!


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I would be interested too, I know a few other people in our class too I can see if they are interested as well.

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That would be great!


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Hello everyone! I think we should arrange a day where we can get together before school, and get to know each other! Please let me know what's good for everyone!

P.S. Does anyone want to carpool? I live in the Bloomfield area of Pittsburgh, up by Children's Hospital. Please let me know, I'm trying to save as much money as possible. :p


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I think that would be awesome! Anyone care to be friends on facebook too? I know previous classes have made facebook groups.


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Sure we should set up a FB page too.