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Is it possible to get a job at any Upenn hospital. How is the application process? That is my dream hospital when I graduate in May 2011. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks


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job market is extremly tight for new grads due to abundance of seasoned rn's available due to hospital closures here. upenn now requires bsn per job description most positions ....

that said, bytime you graduate 2011, i expect some positions to be available to new grads due to burnout from those working short/tight by then. best way to get in having been a tech at hospital.

more info about nursing visit the uphs nursing web site >>

check out their job section for specific requirements of postiions http://pennhealth.hodesiq.com/careers/job_start.asp

along with interview prep: http://www.uphsoncampus.com/interview_prep.asp

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I'm currently going for my bachelor's now. I love the hospital and everything they stand for. Plus I plan to pursue my doctorate later on.