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Well, I know I am worrying way to much. Mid-term grades are about to come about and I found out that so far I have 1 B which is in the class where I said how come I can't get any A's on the tests. I got a good grade on my paper so with the paper's and test it is a B. In my other three classes I have A's. So I guess I am worrying just a little too much HUH!!.

I talked my clinical instructor because she sensed something was wrong with me and asked me what was wrong I started crying because I told her how stressed I was over grades. She asked me is there any particular reason why I was so stressed over grades and I told her that I don't think my grades reflect what I know at all. I told her that I feel much smarter (BUT DEFINTELY DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING) than what my grades show. I told her I fully want to go to graduate school and don't know if I can or not. She then told me her story, of how she barely had a 3.0 and was accepted into grad school on not just grades along but other factors too. She told me that she really did not think about grad school until late in her junior year and that she went on into her senior year and made a STRONG finish and the grad school admission commitee was impressed with the strong changes over her 4 years.

So basically she ask me how do I study, how often I study. I study about 2 hours a night except sundays I take a rest unless their is a test on monday then add in sunday study time and she told me well it seems like you are doing a good job.

1)I am going to type out my notes

2) I am going to the school counselor that deals with test-taking tips and study tips because she senses that My problem is test anxiety because I can answer practice questions and NCLEX questions without any problem and usually get 95% of the NCLEX questions in the books that I have right. So my instructor thinks I have test anxiety.

3) I am going to make out flash charts. Which are flash cards but the flash charts will be on paper because index cards are too small for all the notes we get.

4) I am going to add an 2 of study time a night and study 4 hours a night maybe 5 hours a night INCLDUING sundays

5) I am going to stay at school for at least 2 hours each day and study usually I come home and study but sometimes that get too distracting.

6) I am going to stop worrying about the past and start focusing on the grades I can get if I stop worrying about the grades I already have from previous semesters cause I can't change those.

7) I am going to make sure I keep taking a little time out for myself.

That is my game plan and I am going to get an A on my next test. I know I can because I got A's on my test before just not this semester YET.

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Hi Tonya! :)

That's the spirit! Sounds like you've already worked out an excellent plan for yourself. One more suggestion that I would encourage you to consider is that you become a part of a study group with other nurses. When I was in college, I was a part of such a group and what a boost it gave us all. Commonality is a great help when "like minds" come together for the same purpose. It is really a big help to students to not only study alone, but to study together. Keep the group small though, or you'll become to sidetrack with "other conversation" to really get anything out of it. Stay focused in the group study. Appoint someone in the group to be the one who keeps everyone on track. Start a study group yourself, then be the one who says "Focus gang" when things start to get out of hand. Best of luck to you! You sound like a really neat person! ;) (((HUGS)))

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