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Update on school projects

I wrote a previous thread on my math project and how my group members weren't helping. I just got my paper back today and I got an 80%. The paper was marked down in the places where I assigned the group members to do that section and it was incomplete or they didn't show they're work. Should I confront the teacher about this or accept the 80? I really want an A in the class and gave 100% and it's not my fault they didn't do their part correctly. I think I deserve a higher grade but I'm unsure about confronting the instructor because I don't want to be petty. What do you think?



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what do you really want to do? it is your right to question any aspect you feel was not just. let us know what happens.

by the way, with all that happened and those not contributing, a descent grade was given and it doesn't reflect your efforts but the group as a whole.

That's true. I think I will just stick with the current grade. Thanks for your advice. :p


I hate group projects. I read your previous thread and could completely understand where you were coming from.

Teachers assign group projects to see how well people can work together ... after all, nursing is about teamwork, isn't it? But if part of the team isn't doing their part, the whole team shouldn't have to pay for it, especially in a school situation where you hardly even know these people!

Personally, I usually have a good relationship (or at least not a negative one) with my teachers. I would say something ... but that's just me. Without being accusatory or whining, ask what she would have done in your position? Were you supposed to do the whole report yourself or leave those areas blank as you did? Should you have let her know earlier? I think it would be good to question what you should do if this kind of assignment is presented again. I like getting A's ... and I'd be bummed about an 80% on something that I worked hard on.

Of course, there are times when I'm the bad team member ... we all have those days. So don't think I'm perfect ... far from it!

Let us know if you say anything ... :)

Yea, I am pretty bummed about getting an 80. Maybe I will just ask her what I should do in the future in this kind of situation. I also have a pretty good relationship with my instructors so they're approachable. (FYI I left spaces in the report and then had the other group members fill in what they could in those spaces. I did try to figure it out myself but it was impossible to find out how they got their answers. ;) ) Thanks for the advice and I think I will just ask her about it.


Originally posted by SC RN

I hate group projects

I took a statistics class with a friend of mine and we had a group project to do. SHE invited another student to join our group. He didnt show up for every class and I was not thrilled to have him as part of our group. We divided up the work and she and I worked very hard on the project, we made the most impressive charts and graphs !!!

He was absent and we couldnt get ahold of him prior to handing in the project. Of course the professor collected them at the start of class and we were fully unprepared as our fellow group member didnt show up with his part of the project !!! I was ready to just walk out in shame and here he comes at the very end of the class with his contribution. His work was sloppy and he used the phrases wrong thru the whole project he wrote mean-MEDIUM-mode !!!

It was THE most embarrasing moment I have ever had in a classroom and THE worst grade I have ever received on a project a "C" :imbar


I feel for you Keely. If you hadn't said anything to the instructor while the project was in the works, it might just sound like you're making up excuses for the grade.

I was lucky. I had that presentation that I did all the research, put the presentation together, did the powerpoint slides, and gave each person notes so she could speak. Got a 98 on it. They still complained there were not enough graphics and why did I not catch the part we lost points on. They had three opportunities to look at the slides before I finalized it. Go figure.

Well, I never have to work with that bunch again at least.

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