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Update on the job market

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Hey guys, I have a few general questions about working in Hawaii. Like many others, I vacationed to Hawaii a couple years ago and fell in love with the place. I contacted one of the major hospitals in Maui and was told that there are essentially no jobs available due to a large number of staff being layed off, and the need to rehire these staff before hiring new ones. This was in January 2012, while the US was in a big recession still; I've waited patiently two and a half years later and I figured I would do some more research to look into the viability.

My current plan is to stay in Canada for another year so I can save (I already payed for Hockey and my snowboarding season pass :) ), and then move to Hawaii some time in the summer of 2015. I currently have enough money saved to last up to two years (about 60-80k by next year, not sure if that is realistic for cost of living in Hawaii) plus some incoming cash flow from renting my home. I was thinking of going down there and studying for my NCLEX (if I haven't written it already by then) and then to start applying in person to all of the hospitals. I figured I would rent and then once I got a position, I would buy a home and likely stay there for a very long time. I also have a dog and cat that would need to come over.

What I am essentially asking is: How tough is it to get a job right now? I know as a Canadian applying online I will likely get ignored, but I was wondering if anyone has had luck this way in the past? Also, for the people who live in Hawaii, has it been tough getting your foot in the door?

I have about 3.5 years experience, almost all of it in various mental health positions (in patient and psych emerg) and 6 months NICU; I want to continue working in MH ideally, but worse case scenario would take a med position if nothing was available. I do not care about what island, and would be willing to move; however, I would prefer to live in Maui. I realistically could afford to live without working for quite a while, but I would likely not be the content with lazing around at the beach for more than a few months. I assume it would be very expensive to bring my stuff and pets over, so I don't want to move here and then leave a year later with my tail between my legs as it would be way cheaper to just do a one year trip (although a one year vacation doesn't sound so bad). I would much rather get a job within the first couple months and spend the rest of the money on a nice boat or larger down payment.

I really haven't heard much about the demand for nurses right now in the US, especially in the most desirable places like Hawaii. I live in Alberta, and it's hard to not get hired anywhere you apply as we have a huge demand. Can anyone help me out with some of my questions? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also, any advice would be appreciated as well. Thanks.

I also should clarify that when I say money doesn't matter to me, that is within reason. I forget how in the US you negotiate a salary (in Canada 98% of RN jobs are for the government, and are standardized rates of pay between 35-50/hr). Keeping this in mind, I would realistically want $35 starting with the potential for growth, but would not work for less than $30; I noticed that the jobs typically pay closer to $50, so I wonder if being flexible with salary would help in the job market.

What an interesting and exciting plan! It is a risk for sure. I believe that in general the U.S. is looking at policy that supports less RN utilization especially in hospitals. This is my opinion. I don't think there are any concrete answers right now. Here is an article I found that sent chills up my spine.

pg 7 is informative along with the footnotes. http://www.aha.org/content/12/12sep-bcaeconimpact.pdf

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Hello! I am a pre-nursing student who lives here in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. I randomly came across your post and have some info for you in regards to you bringing your pet here to Hawaii. Sorry I know this has nothing to do with the job market here in Hawaii, but I think its really important info that you should know. Hawaii is a rabies free state, therefore we have very strict quarantine laws for all pets coming into Hawaii. If your pet has not had a series of rabies vaccines and a titer done within a certain amount of time, your pet will have to stay in quarantine for 120 days upon arrival at the airport. BUT if your pets has completed pre and post arrival requirements your pet may be eligible for a 5 day or less release. The whole rabies and titer process can take about 6 months. Here is a link for more info Animal Industry Division | Animal Quarantine Information Page. I have worked in the animal medical field for over 10 years and have seen owners and pets get very distraught when they have to stay for 120 days in quarantine. I highly recommend that you complete the pre and post requirements so that your pet does not have to stay in quarantine for a long period. Just some info from one animal lover to another.....Hope this info was helpful!!

Thanks for the info guys. I've already researched the pet thing, so that's why I want to make my commitment to hawaii before filling out the paperwork. I just don't want to spend all the money and hassle of getting my license and bringing my pets over, just to find out there are no jobs. Anyone had any experiences with this?


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Being a psych nurse most of your options would probably be on Oahu...not sure if you have your heart set of Maui.


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