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First of all, I'd like to say that I didn't mean to cause such a rukus on the board on my post. i appreciate your support and advice, and though I don't like being criticized or have my integregrity questioned, I can see how you may be skeptical and sick of hearing women "whine" about men.

Anyway, I have talked with the other nurses who came TO ME, to talk about this, and we have agreed to wait it out for now. I worked with this Dr. yesterday and he was 100% fine. He didn't bring up a single thing about his affair, or joke about anything sexual or brag about his virility. As well, the girl who worked with him today said he was fine. He even sort of apologized to her.

Our DON clarified that she is keeping tabs on him and that we are to report anything inappropriate immediately, which we will. She has been updated about what's happened in the past. The medical board is figuring out what to do with him, but as of now he cannot be fired. The board is considering if he should work full-time at another center or if he will be reprimanded and let alone. As for someone getting my scope, blabbing to the Dr and having a good laugh at my expense...so what? I really don't care about that. I have worked hard to have a great reputation at my clinic and I bust my a** to be the best clinical provider that I can, and I do. I have my friends and stay away from the trivial RN's who are still suffering from new grad RNitis ( I know who blabbed), and I hold my chin up and walk through it all!

We all have so much to learn. Thanks again for the support, and the diasagreement!


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Though I didn't reply to your initial post, I admit to lurking, and feeling your pain! I am so glad that things seem to be looking up, it was clear that you were very upset.

You said, "I bust my a** to be the best clinical provider that I can"

And that speaks volumes about you. If I am ever a patient in your area, that's the best I can hope for from another human being. :) God forbid I ever get seriously ill, but if I do, I pray that my nurse shares your philosophy.

Whatever happens with that physician, hold onto your principles and remember that your skills will be highly valued in many other facilities.

Stay well, and God Bless...



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Emaas: Happy to hear things went well for you. This Board should be the place to come when we need support. I hope you felt more supported than maligned. In any case, you know you did the right thing.


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Let me humbly apologize for grouping you into my past experiences. The class by which you handled your reply to those I posted shows you're a top rate woman. Again, I was wrong to assume you were like the women I've seen lately who have filed harrassment claims. You handled your situation like a true professional. You're right, so what if they had a good laugh! I wish you the best of luck!!


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Wildtime, there are men in this world who are total a*# holes when it comes to thinking with their small heads instead of their large ones. And a large number of them brag about it to co-workers. You keep saying "if this is true." I have been on the receiving end of some very unwelcome harrassment in my younger (and easliy imtimidated) days, and have not known how to deal with it. It is also true that there are a large number of people who gossip and get caught spreading rumors; but they usually don't go to a totally neutral place and tell their side of it, as EMaas has. There are real situations in this world that can make soap operas look boring, so I do believe EMaas here.

If EMaas and her co-workers have taken their complaints to administration, then hopefully administration has talked with the MD and he is on notice, which may be enough to make him staighten up his act. You are right about the possibility of a law suit or 2 if he does or says anything that could be perceived as being improper or harrassing. And if he does, I definitely would file law suits against both the MD and the employer.

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