Update on my dying pts thread


since our agency's msw is involved with all of our dying pts, i talked to her today about my five...the one that died, the two that are about to, and two new ones that i have. her eyes got wide and she said that four dying pts so close together for one nurse at our place is unusual....."no wonder you're having a hard time!"

i don't feel so bad now......i thought it was me, that i had to "learn how to handle it."


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Hi Tazzi

I've been in home health for almost a year, my first job no less. Every day I feel like I'm 'learning how to handle it'.

Keep on trucking girl, and keep on posting.;)

I read your first post and I am happy to read that you spoke with the social worker. I really empathized with your situation. After watching my grandfather die of cancer, I could not imagine being in your situation. But you are hanging in there. I know you are making a difference in the lives of your patients' families. My grandfather's home health nurse was heaven sent. I don't think my grandmother would have held it together without her.

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God bless you.... you do a job I don't think I could. My prayers are with you.

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