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Upcoming Texas student wanting to come back to CA

by Jenicab Jenicab (New) New Pre-Student

Hello All,

With classes starting at Texas in 2 weeks, I was presented the attached document which has me a little worried!

A rep at the school says that I should take my N-clex and get licensed in Texas and then should have no problem endorsing to be licensed in CA. Being a nurse in CA is my ultimate goal. I've e-mailed the CA BON a week ago and have yet to hear back.

According to the curriculums, the Texas camp is 4 clinical units short of the CA campus curriculum.

Has anyone had experience getting endorsed in CA when short "clinical hours"?

Anyone know if it's possible to make clinical hours up?

I appreciate any feedback as this could be a heartbreaking deal breaker for me!

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You should probably remove that pdf attachment and blot out your name. The internet is full of creeps.

on another note, your best bet is to call the board of nursing. I hear they never respond to email.

Those don’t look like clinical hours, it looks like they are referring to units. I wonder if there is a course that is missing. In any case, my friend went to nursing school in Texas and she lives in California and works as a nurse now. And yes, she endorsed her license. So I think you will be fine.

ahhh thank you, I can't figure out how to remove the attachment....truly meant to attach the cropped version!


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Welcome, @Jenicab,

We removed the PDF.