Unsure where to post...so here it is

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Unsure where to post the following. Could go into the break room, or Emergency nursing. We don't have a specific forum for activity where people are reaching for greatness and attempting to win a Darwin Award....so here it is. For your entertainment only, please do not try this at home!!


This has to be one of the dumbest things caught on tape.



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Maybe Im slow....what is going on there?


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I sat here and watched that at least a dozen times! It is hard to believe what some people will do!

These idiots couldn't see this coming?

In addition to taking out the hydrant and MAJOR damage to his truck, he smacks the pavement pretty hard too and almost gets caught by his own truck there when it kicks around! Bet he won a visit to his local ER

Still shaking my head over this one - thanks for sharing!


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Apparently its not me that's slow, its my computer! All Im getting is audio which is why it made no sense to me :chuckle

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All I got was a text file in a foreign language! That's what happens when you're in a minority- I have a Mac.


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Bet he won a visit to his local ER

So do I, as though we don't have enough business from patients for other reasons. At least he wasn't terminally stupid...this time.



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For those who can't access it (It comes up on Windows Media Player here - and takes a while to load on my dial-up) -

This is a video clip shot by a couple idiots in a car who were obviously friends of the head idiot who was in his truck alone traveling down a street -

Head Idiot sets his cruise control I think, then opens the driver's door and climbs out and onto the top of the truck cab while cruising along!

And yes, the obvious happens

Still shaking my head over this one - Thanks again for sharing it 2ndCareerRN - I sent this to a bunch of people

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That's an expensive way to have a good (????) time...I just don't see the point.

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