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How do you deal with the unprofessional behavior of gossip,specifically ,talking negatively behind another nurses back? A nurse at work has been saying negative things about me in regards to my nursing behind my back,she has done this to others also. She never writes incident reports in regards to anything Ive done incorrectly. I confronted her once,she denied it,and continues to do gossip.

Im sure this happens everywhere but it bothers me.

wanna B an RN

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Keep your head up, unfortunately the gossiping wont stop. You may want to confront her again, but I doubt that will work either. Is she your supervisor or a coworker?


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Some people are happiest when they are causing trouble for others. Chances are, everyone knows what she is like and they pay her little mind. Do your job the best you can and if there is a problem with how you are doing your job, I'd say it's a good guess that your supervisor would have spoken to you about it already. This person probably feels inferior and talks about others to make herself feel better, or she could just be a mean nasty witch that has nothing better to do than cause trouble. Either way, talking to her probably won't change things any, I'd just ignore her and eventually she'll know she's not getting to you and move on to someone else. Don't get discouraged over this person, she has the heart of a chicken or she'd admit what she has said. Sounds like a trouble maker and I wouldn't let her get you down. ((((((HUGS)))))) Hope your day gets better!


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wanna B,this person is a co-worker,a floor nurse. She does alot of brown nosing also.

wanna B an RN

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Then don't give her the time of day. She's obviously just trying to make herself look good. If you've noticed she's a brown noser, you're probably not the only one, so don't sweat it. :D


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I wouldnt sweat it. We have a couple RNs that always try to tell me bad things about the 2 LPNs we have on the floor. I usually just respond with something like "oh? They always do a good job when I am with them." I try to make the person who told me feel guilty, and that maybe it is something SHE is doing wrong. Gossip is so childish!



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I had a girl around that did that as well. I confronted her and she denied it. She felt threatened by me...Bottom line.

She thought she could make herself look better by putting me down. Well, the thing is all the other nurses never bought her load of garbage once they worked with me and seen it was all lies. Anyway she was the one who looked like a fool in the end.

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