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Unpaid or paid LOA, a possibility? Care for high risk family member

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I have worked on my unit for over two years now. My unit has been turned into a "low risk" unit but we still get numerous COVID rule outs, and the pandemic has yet to fully hit us yet. Before this hit, basically I was the sole caregiver for my 93 year old grandmother, in terms of housekeeping, providing care, meals and providing basic care to her as she is very unsteady on her feet and still recovering from a past hip fracture which has limited her mobility. I pretty much live there the majority of the time. There isn't a lot of family and we all have rotated and have taken turns, since someone has to always be present, and with my job I can spend most of my time down there due to my four on and four off.

Since my unit has been receiving 3-4 COVID rule outs a a day sometimes I am unable to be there for her, as I am terrified of giving her the virus in case I am asymtomatically carrying it or get exposed to it unknowingly. This has put a lot of strain on me and my mother who also looks after her, and all other family lives various provinces currently on lockdown so there isn't help. I'm at a loss what we can do, we have services in the home but most have been cut back due to the virus.

I have contemplated taking a leave of absence, even if unpaid since I am in a position to do so, while my mother (who also is high risk) is not and is also an essential employee. I'm just wondering what my options would be? Is there a possibility of going off for a a couple of months until things settle a bit more? Is there be some sort of medical leave available for caring for family members during this pandemic? There in combination with the evolving pandemic is causing a lot of stress for me in my personal and professional life. Otherwise I may have to quit outright for the time being.

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Have a relative who was told to take a leave of absence due to her medical condition but her doctor refuses to cooperate and tells her instead to file for unemployment. You need to find out your unique options and make your decision from there. It appears that some employers have taken a hardnose attitude. As long as there are no firm contraventions in place from government, those employers are going to avoid paying employees to the fullest extent they can muster. We don't know what your employer will do or what has necessarily transpired in your state. The governor of my state put out an executive order to stop evictions. It is only in effect until May and then people have to pay the rent owed "in a timely manner", and evictions can move forward. Political accolades for essentially nothing. Could be the same in your state regarding employment. One has to be careful any way you look at it.

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