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Hi, I'm new to the site. I was looking for some help!

I was accepted into the summer 09' BSN program at U.N.M.

Does anyone want to sell their old books or know of anyone selling some.

I know we usually keep them for the entire 4 levels, but I'm hoping someone knows something.

I'm freaking out because they cost almost a thousand dollars this semester. Also, maybe someone has some more ideas about scholarships to apply for, beyond what the nursing dept. Offers.


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It's too early to stress out. I can't help you with the books, but go to fastweb.com and scholarships.com for the scholarships. You can also use google. If you make scholarship apps a 1 to 2 hour per week job, you should get a lot of money. Many scholarships ask for essays about similar questions, so once you get about 4 or 5 essays written (why I want to be a nurse, why I'll be a good nurse, etc.) You can use each essay for more than one application.

Have a good time at UNM!


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How long did it take you to get accepted? Was it your first try?

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I got a fair number of my books from eCampus.com; also Amazon and ebay have used texts. Just make sure you get the right edition. I saved a lot of money that way.

Haunt the bookstore early, they do sell used books. Mine wouldn't be of help as I only did my graduate work there.


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Thank You!

Yes, I was lucky enough to get in first try. I applied for the spring semester. They picked 15 for spring and 15 for summer. I think many people don't know they split the 35 accepted applicants into the next two previous terms. Then the fill the other 15 spots when the next application opens up. I wish you good luck:)

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