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For applicants to the nursing program at UNLV Spring 2019! :)

Hello! I am a transfer applying to the nursing program and I am trying to figure out this calculation worksheet before going in for a meeting with the advisor but I cannot figure out how to calculate the Science Base Points score! I am doing something wrong. If anyone could help that would be awesome!

Hey! I could help, what are your grades?

Have you all signed up for one of the signing dates? And how many points are you applying with?

Yes! My signing session is on 10/5 and I'm applying with 95.4 points, how about you?

Oh, mine's on 10/4! Do you know what we need to bring for the sessions because they didn't tell me anything? Do they automatically choose your higher HESI score for the point calculation? My higher score is 96.76 and my lower score is 95.39. And your score is really good!!

Yay! Those are great scores too!! I'm really crossing my fingers that the cutoff won't be past 94. :( LOL

I know we have to bring the application and the HESI score report. This is my second time applying actually so I should remember, but they'll send you an email with everything you need to bring to your signing session!

Yeah, I'm also hoping the cutoff won't be too high because it seems to get higher and higher every semester.

Okay, application and HESI score report, thank you!

This is your second time applying??!! Did you apply with 95.4 the first time, because if you did and didn't get in, I'm going to be really stressed

Yes! I applied for Spring '18 but didn't get in. But omg no, my points were 91.5. I was ballsy and told myself to just try since the Spring '17 cutoff was like 91.2, but I knew I shoulda waited LOL. HAHAHA

Don't be stressed! Trust me, I've been waiting like 3 semesters to get in - I've stressed myself out too much and it's unnecessary. We'll get there!

Yes! Hopefully we could all get in because I've been trying to get in for the past two semesters too. So I've been kinda stressed about trying to get into a nursing school too.

Any advice on what to study for the reading section? Im taking my hesi in October and I'm stressing out over the reading and English sections! These 2 subjects are my weakness for sure. I have to score high on my hesi to even have a chance to get in for spring!

Hey guys,

This will be my second time applying because the first time I was applying with 2 of my classes in progress. My current score is 97.5. If you guys have trouble calculating your score you can call the Division of health science and schedule an appointment with a counselor over the phone, in which the counselor will help calculate your score for you.

The Sping cutoff will probably be lower than the Fall, which was a 94 or higher I believe.

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