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Hi all! I need some advice.  Currently for the pre-nursing requirements I have gotten A+ for Biol251, Math120, and Kin223.  I still need to complete CHEM 108 and NURS 299 and I will strive to get an A+ on those, however, I have already retaken KIN224 twice.  My first attempt for 224 was a B and I chose to retake for a better grade.  During my second attempt at KIN 224 I had personal circumstances that led me to plan out suicide and abandon school and my job, however I started receiving counseling via my school therapist.  Though I now am more motivated then ever to continue my education I am still left with a D for my nursing calculation sheet.  I heard that you can attempt to petition and I know you need documentation.  I am hoping to get into the pre-nursing path at UNLV,  Does anyone know how the petition process goes? or if you've been in this situation what documentation you might need to submit? Please let me know, thanks! 

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What if you don't get an A+ on the others?What are your plans,options?..

Hi! However, as an overview, you can probably petition or apply and ask the admission counselor if they can take your 1st attempt. Hope that helps! 

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