i have seen a couple threads on the site regarding UNLVs FNP program but not much in terms of feedback as to how the program actually is, does anyone have any info about the program? admission process, application process, can you still work full time if so for how long, how are the clinicals setup, amount of students accepted?

thanks in advance guys!


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I went to another school that shared a lot of clinical sites with UNLV along with their simulation lab. I have one classmate who is in their program and she is working, just bought a house, and seem to be doing fine.

Most the information you're seeking is here:

Master of Science in Nursing; Family Nurse Practitioner Track | University of Nevada, Las Vegas

the only reason I did not go with them and I live in Las Vegas was the amount of students they failed in their BSN program. They start with 60 and graduate 30.


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thanks for the response puravida, so your friend who is in the FNP program did she have anything specific to say about the program? What masters program are you currently in? is it a local las vegas one?