UTA NURS 3425 Health Assessment to start 1-14-2013

  1. This thread is for anyone taking Holistic health assessment on-line at UTA starting Jan 14th 2013. Hopefully we can get a good thread going in order to provide support for each other as we go. The more students who participate, the better it will be for everyone.
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  3. by   rosemrn
    Thanks ScarletFire for starting this thread! One more week to enjoy time off from books and assignments, then I hope the following five weeks will go by fast. Have my books but haven't opened them yet
  4. by   ScarletFire
    Hi Rosemary,

    You're welcome. I hope we can lure some others to join us here. The more opinions on the class assignments and discussions, the better. I have opened the books and I don't like what I see. Oh well. just have to dive in and get it done.
    More later.
  5. by   registeredin06
    I'm with ya girls!

    I haven't even purchased the books yet!! I'm in denial.

    I'm a bit nervous about this class. All nurses courses prior to this one have been extremely easy, but I fear that's about to change!

    Thanks for starting the thread.
  6. by   ScarletFire
    Hey registeredin06,

    I'm glad you're with us! I think this is going to be one of the classes we won't forget....and not in a good way. Might be a good time to buy the books. Also, I understand we have to have several other common household items such as a tuning fork, otoscope, reflex hammer, and opthalmoscope. I googled the syllabus and that's where I found this info. It says we don't have to buy them, but we have to have access to them......whatever that means.

    more on this and other topics later.
  7. by   amyrnfa
    Rosemrn,Thought I would answer your pm here. Week 1-Everything is due by sat. The next weeks 2-4, assignments are due by Thursday & tests open on Friday. The DB are due by Friday each week for your initial post. Make sure you cite a ref. for each DB.
  8. by   Meriwhen
    You need to come up with one COLDSPA for every assessment. And don't forget the little details like adding "BPM" after your pulse.

    To be honest, the best thing to do is take the rubric for each assessment and address every single thing on it...even if you feel like you're being repetitive. The coaches will ding you if you miss anything, and those little 0.25-0.5 point dings can quickly add up.

    Also, you don't need to buy the tuning fork, scope, etc...but you WILL need them for your assessments, so don't think you can get by without them. If you don't buy any of these items, be sure that you can borrow them from someone/somewhere (work, classmate, friend, etc.).
  9. by   ScarletFire
    Hey registeredin06,

    did you ever move to Portland? I think you and I corresponded a few months ago when you were planning on moving right in the middle of taking classes. also, did you ever take Texas Gov like you planned?

    glad you are with us for this class.

    more later.
  10. by   rosemrn
    This class just seems daunting. Trying to stop dreading it!!!
  11. by   nursemansi
    Misery loves company! I'll be starting 3425 next week as well....havent bought the books yet ....eeeekkkk!!
  12. by   Neonursej
    I too am starting on 1/14. Had the books shipped to me from Uta bookstore. There are a lot! Hopefully we won't have to print out all of the articles, like in professional nursing! Finished professional nursing a/b and holistic care of the older adult. Just found out that I need an upper level nursing class and upper level elective! What are yall taking fir these? Still need college algebra for my last prerequisite!
  13. by   ScarletFire
    Hi Neonnursej,

    welcome to the forum. I took Medical Terminology (BIO 3309) as one elective and used my PCCN certification in place of the other. If you have an nationally recognized certification such as PCCN in my case or CCRN or a certification particular to your speciality, you can opt out of the upper level nursing elective. Someone started a thread here on allnurses not long ago on certs that were accepted or you could ask your advisor. You could look into Med Term as an elective, but you would still need a nursing elective.

    Thanks for joining us.
  14. by   ScarletFire
    Quote from rosemrn
    This class just seems daunting. Trying to stop dreading it!!!

    know what you mean, but as you said to me so many times last year, we will get through this and soon we will be onto the next one.