UTA FNP Program NURS 5321

  1. I just got accepted into the UTA FNP program and I an to start on May 9th, is anyone starting then or has anyone finished the NURS 5327 class that can help with any advise or caution?

    And would anyone like to pass their books forward to me?

    Thanks ahead of time.
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  3. by   tay777
    I applied to the FNP program at UTA starting in May as well. I am still deciding between other programs though. It seems like UTA is a lot longer than other online FNP programs. Did you have any other reasons for choosing this particular one? I graduated with my BSN from UTA so for that reason want to stick with it but the time seems a lot longer compared to 2 year programs.
  4. by   Emmie620
    Hi tay777,
    You must be reading my mind. The same thing applies to me too. I graduated with my BSN from UTA also and felt it was easier to go with those I know. At the same time like you, I am thinking about the time frame being just so long compared with other 2 year programs too. Another problem I am having is the fact that I like the one class at a time and I don't want to jumble to many classes at the same time because we know how that BSN program was.....so what other program are you looking at other that UTA?
    I am due to start on the 9th of April but I am thinking about deferring my start date to look for a 2year program. I have attended so many schools and I just wanted to maintain consistency by going with a reputable school.
  5. by   jlmoses91
    I'm finishing research right now so I'm two classes ahead of you. I thought that theory was pretty easy. Its discussion boards and a paper every week. Just make sure you follow APA correctly. With that class some of the papers are your opinion of a certain theory. (thats a simple explanation). Just make sure you answer the questions fully and you will be fine.