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I thought I would start a thread for those applying to UTA for Fall 2013; AP or on-campus. I will be applying to both and am hoping to find a job at a partnered hospital before the January 5, 2012... Read More

  1. by   futureexpectations
    I am also taking patho and pharm on the 28th.
  2. by   Violach
    I start Intro to Nursing on the 14th, Patho on the 28th and Microbiology in March. Taking Pharm and Statistics during the summer session. I heard Intro wasn't too bad. I am nervous about Patho and Pharm. I heard they were tough. I also heard the Microbiology Prof tricks students on her exams, and there is only one prof who teaches it at UTA. Has anyone taken that class?
  3. by   Violach
    Has anyone received an email from the Intro to Nursing prof? Is it showing up on EPIC yet? I paid my tuition, but I haven't received anything yet. My profs usually send out an email a few days before the class starts.
  4. by   joshsmother
    I am soooo confused in the Intro class! I got all the info on blackboard today but the syllabi say the class is in Epic! So confused! Also... My advisor made it sound line this was required to be my first on line class before anything else! Is that the case with y'all? I got the book thru amazon too. And am setting up plans to Get the other on Monday. Is anyone of FB?
  5. by   Trenata
    In my advising packet, it states that they strongly advise starting with Intro to Prof Nursing due to a helpful orientation. I didn't because I wasn't sure which school I want to work toward applying for nursing school and none of the other schools I am considering accept this course. I want to save any major nursing classes for last. So I signed up for Biology and Sociology. I hope I don't miss any valuable orientation info!

    Does anyone know if I will miss out on any important orientation info, or is the orientation more about study habits and info like that? Will I know how to sign into all my classes on BB and epic without the orientation? I was a little worried about that when I didn't sign up for Intro to Prof Nursing.
  6. by   Violach
    I have been taking classes at UTA since Fall 2011 and am just now taking Intro to Nursing, so no, it doesn't matter. I just looked at the orientations today...basic stuff about plaigarism, helpful contact information, student resources, etc. No big deal.
  7. by   Violach
    Josh's Mother - I just got on BB and read that. I am also confused. Maybe grades are posted via BB, but coursework is done on EPIC? I dunno... I haven't looked at the syllabus in depth yet...just printed it up. Look me up on the class list on BB. My first name begins with J and ends with A. My last name begins with T and ends with F.
  8. by   Violach
    (My advisor never mentioned anything about taking Intro to Nursing first. I haven't had an issues with my schedule thus far. I have already taken 30 credit hours.)
  9. by   joshsmother
    Now I am a little peeved! I had signed up first for technical writing, then American lit, and then History. I missed the email from my advisor and when I noticed intro to nursing was supposed to be my first class, I rearranged my whole schedule. Flip side... I will have it out of the way! Only question is is the class on epic or blackboard? All the class info was on blackboard but I see nothing but broad info on epic and no specifics on this class.
  10. by   Violach
    I do not see anything pertaining to this class on EPIC, either. Maybe it will appear tomorrow. The prof posted an announcement on BB stating that they she was having trouble opening the class. Maybe there is some sort of glitch they are trying to work out.
  11. by   joshsmother
    Looking at the syllabus that was on bb and it looks like stuff is not due for a few days. Glad to see that! I ordered one book via amazon and it I scheduled to arrive on wed. Not sure where my prime membership is on that. I have to get the other book on campus and will do so on Monday. Good luck to everyone! So glad to meet some people floating the same boat
  12. by   Violach
    I live in Houston and ordered one of the books from the UTA Bookstore - it arrived in two days. The other I ordered on Amazon and it arrived in a couple of days, as well. I do not have prime membership. But I ordered my Patho book on Amazon at the same time, and it still hasn't arrived. It said is shipped out a week and a half ago. I hope it gets here soon. I love saving money on my text books, but I hate the feeling of not knowing if they will arrive in time. Has anyone taken Microbiology yet?
  13. by   futureexpectations
    I am also quite confused with the Intro class. For some reason I can't even sign into Epic; it is the same login information right? It also says we have to turn in the attestation but I'm not sure who exactly my coach is or their email. I received a last name but not a first; there is only one listed with that last name so I sent that person an email, but of course there is not an email address showing up. After I sent the email, I received the email in my inbox; hopefully, it just sends me a copy. I was so hoping for smooth sailing so hopefully this is not indicative of things to come.