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I'm interested in applying here to do their BSN program. And thoughts about this program? I'm looking to complete my BSN as accelerated as possible. Is this a good program?... Read More

  1. by   kgnurse
    $257 per unit for nursing courses and $168 for general courses
  2. by   kirsnikity
    Pandora, have you heard anything about your electronic transcript? I applied to UTA on Nov 30th and am experiencing similar frustrations. I had two transcripts to send, along with my old AP scores from high school. As of Monday only one transcript has arrived, even though I have verification my second transcript was sent on Dec 6. Frustrating because I know that it's probably either sitting in their mail room or lost by the staff. My enrollment specialist has been prompt in returning my calls, but I feel helpless in dealing with the admissions office. I'm debating whether I should pay the fee again to resend that transcript now or just be patient and cross my fingers. I was hoping to start in February.
  3. by   pandorasbox
    kirsnikity - Yes, they finally confirmed that they received my electronic transcript. It took them well over a month though. Just this past Tuesday I got this email from them:

    "We just wanted to let you know that we have received all of the required materials to complete your admissions file. The College of Nursing will review your file to determine if you are admissible to the program. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for them to reach their decision."

    When I applied my intention was to start January 14th. I would have liked to get an answer from them sooner because I have applied at other programs that start on January 7th. At this point I'm sure I will be attending elsewhere. Their processing time is ridiculous.

    My guess is that you'll encounter the same wait time. They told me that they process the applications based on students' start times. They will not touch your application until the January students are processed. Correct me if I'm wrong about this.

    I do wish you better luck.
  4. by   spalee
    I am looking to enroll in an accelerated online BSN program. Can someone please tell me if I need to resign in Texas to enroll in the online program (especially ifor the clinical part of it)?