TOEFL requirement at UTA

  1. Has anyone been exempt from the TOEFL requirement at UTA? I'm applying to their online RN-BSN program and it asks to submit TOEFL scores if I didn't attend an English-speaking high school. Is that the case even if I've been in the States for 15+ years, have attended college here, and took ESL when I first arrived?
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  3. by   pco8
    You may want to contact the school and ask to speak to an adviser or someone in admissions.
  4. by   kgnurse
    Hi usrn1. I did not graduate high school here but I have a GED. They did not even count that and all my college degrees I have from attending Com Colleges in US. I took TOEFL in order for me to be qualified for BSN program
  5. by   usrn1
    Thanks! I don't know why I didn't think about asking admissions. I was being transferred from enrollment to school of nursing back and forth with no answers. Called admissions and got my answer right away.
  6. by   Trang5891
    So how was it? Did you get exempt from the toefl? If not, what is the minimum point? Thank you
  7. by   usrn1
    Hi! Yeah, I have to take the TOEFL. No way around it. At least not from UTA. Other universities don't have that requirement. I don't know about the minimum score they require. I'm just going to take the test and go from there. I test in a few weeks.
  8. by   usrn1
    Hi! Sorry Trang5891, I just noticed your PM. I guess I haven't been in here often enough to be able to reply by PM. Yeah, I called admissions and they told me I didn't have to take the TOEFL so I went ahead and applied to UTA, but then my advisor from the school of nursing said I had to take it. She won't let me register for any nursing classes without the TOEFL scores. You can apply and it's not a requirement for admission, but it's a requirement for the school of nursing. There really is no way around it. Anyway, I purchased the TOEFL teaching materials, I think it cost about $40, not sure now, and I've been studying that. If you've been here in the States for a while it won't be difficult. At least that's what I'm hoping!
    Good luck!
  9. by   Trang5891
    Hello usrn1, thanks so much for your reply. You make it so clear now bc eventhough I'v e been "stalking" the UTA website for awhile but Im stillconfused. Also, I just found out the minimum score is 79(s:21,L:16,R:20, W:22) .You are right, I believe its not hard at least like Nclex :-) Im planning to take toefl in july and I hope you can pass too:-)
  10. by   presidiorn
    Hi trang,
    Have u tried talking to an adviser 'coz I thought I have to take TOEFL too. I told myself that if I have to take Toefl, there's no way i'm going back to school. I emailed my adviser and told him that I graduated fr a high school which English is the medium of instruction. To myself, I'll ask anyway coz there's no harm in trying. Adviser told me to give him a proof like a letter and a high school diploma saying that Engish is used the medium of instruction. I provided him the letter and high school diploma, and then he cleared me for toefl. I didn't have to take it. I'm now taking a class. I don't know your situation but try to talk to an adviser.