NURS4465 Vulnerable Populations Date:11/3 -12/5

  1. Goign to be taking this with Nursing research...

    Any words of advice??


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  3. by   kmbrlRN
    I'll be in both classes with you, so I can't give you any advice!
  4. by   HeyNurseLB
    I'm in Vulnerable Populations with you, hope it's not as bad as I'm worried it is!
  5. by   Hey_RN
    I am currently enrolled in this course as well! This week 2 assignment is ridiculous! I am not even sure where to begin! haha
  6. by   Windynurse
    Me too!

    Is there any end to this? I have heard that week 2 is the worst, but right now, it feels like it will do me in! It's nice to know there are more of us going though this. I am also taking Holistic Care of Older Adults, but it doesn't compare to Vulnerable. How are you all doing taking Research at the same time?

  7. by   HeyNurseLB
    I've been trying to get ahead due to a holiday trip, and week 2 almost killed me! And I'm taking this class alone! I turned it in Thursday and waiting on my grade. Just finished the week 3 assignment, sooooo much easier (if I did it right haha).
  8. by   Windynurse
    It does look better from this point forward. Otherwise I would probably die. Did anyone else think that week 2 quiz was awful?

  9. by   HeyNurseLB
    Has anyone done their FEMA yet? Curious how long it really takes to get the certificate, because I brain-farted and didn't realize it was due Wednesday instead of Saturday! Eek! Hoping if I do it tomorrow or Friday I'll get it in time.
  10. by   Windynurse
    Give yourself at least 2 hours. If you pass, you will probably get the certificate the same day. If you

    don't, it may take them a few days to get back to you, & then you have to retake it.

    Good Luck!
  11. by   HeyNurseLB
    Yep, I did it on Friday, took about 2 hours and I had the certificate within 5 minutes. Only this week's quiz and next week's and we're done!
  12. by   nurselindah
    Hello! Where does one go to get the FEMA cert? I am starting this class in a few weeks, but am also taking stats so I am VERY overwhelmed already! Want to get a head start.