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    I just completed the BSN-MSN online program at UTA (concentration in Education) and I wanted to create a discussion board to answer any questions that you may have about the program, so fire away!
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  3. by   DowntheRiver
    Did you do their RN to BSN program, and if so, how does it compare? How difficult would you rate the classes? Easiest class? Hardest class? Were you able to work full time during the program? How long did it take you to complete? Have you sat for the teaching certification yet, and if so, do you feel prepared?

    Thanks! There are not enough threads on this program, I think.
  4. by   krb0509

    Yes, I also did their RN-BSN program back in 2013 and It was also a great program. Both programs offered 5 week courses, however only one class can be taken at a time, unless approved by the academic advisor. The hardest class to me in the RN-BSN program was Research. The easiest class was probably medical terminology. Both programs are very APA writing-intensive, with the MSN program being at a much higher level, with heavy research involved.

    For the RN-BSN program I started off working full time, but then I had a baby and scaled down to PRN. It took me one year to finish; this included some doubling/tripling of classes. My MSN took me a lot longer though, I started in 2014 while pregnant with my second child, and obviously took quite a few breaks to help balance my personal and professional life (I worked full time 3 of the 4 years).

    In in regards to the CNE exam, I have not taken that yet. I am planning on taking it next month, and I do feel prepared to take it because one of the required books for the last course (Practicum) was a CNE review book. I hope this answers most/all your questions.
  5. by   DowntheRiver
    Which class were hardest in the MSN Ed. program? I'm concerned about Assessment, Patho, Pharm.
    Did I read correctly that you can only take 1 MSN class at a time? If so, that is fine with me. I plan on taking 2 classes Fall, 2 classes Spring, Summer off then repeat until I obtain MSN which should be about 3.5 years. My employer pays $5000/year for tuition and I don't want to pay anything out of pocket for school.
    I will (hopefully) probably be same boat as you re: baby. I start IVF in September due to Male Factor Infertility so balancing this and school is a potential issue.

    Did you consider any other schools?
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  6. by   luvinmylife197
    Biggest congratulations! I am right behind you, I will finish my coursework for MSN in Administration in the beginning of October after completing my RN-BSN at UTA as well. I will gladly answer any questions on the Admin side anyone has.

    Well done fellow Maverick!!