University of South Alabama DNP Residency, what does it consist of?

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Hey everybody!

I’m an AGNP & ACNP (have been practicing as an APRN for 5 or 6 yrs now), and I am thinking of going back for a terminal degree. It’s more of a life goal than anything related to wanting to teach or research. I am between a PhD at USM or a DNP at USA. And while USM has been very responsive in describing what it’s PhD residency and dissertation process consists of, USA has not been so forthcoming. I have only what is on their website to go by as every time I ask someone over there concerning their Residency I seem to get the same information that is listed online. It just says the Residency may be completed in my community with a mentor, and that I would be completing a DNP scholarly project during the Residency. I am trying to figure what they mean by “residency.” Am I going to have to find preceptors like in my MSN program? If so, what kind? Or is the DNP scholarly project more akin to a PhD program wherein you go “in the field” and research on your own, perhaps also interviewing people and/or facilities, and with the help/direction of a mentor?

I am trying to plan my work and life around this final degree, so I need to know what kind of extracurricular work I am going to be expected to do. If anyone has some real info they would like to share, I would be very appreciative of it. Thanks in advance!

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I am currently enrolled with USA. I am currently a pediatric primary care NP. I am getting my DNP in the same speciality. I have not made to residency classes yet. If you are just wanting your DNP in the same speciality as you are working, then you can complete your residency hours at your place of work. As long your facility matches up with your decided project. ( For instance, I work in a pediatric primary care office and my project must be geared towards that facility and population). Your preceptor/mentor has to be someone with a terminal degree such as DNP or MD. You will have 3 residencies (over 3 semesters) that will be 180 hours each. At the end you have to submit your finished project for publication and do a poster presentation at a conference or do a voice over ppt presentation.

Hope this helps.

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SgonzoCPNP, thank you so much! That really helps. I have gone ahead and submitted all of my required documentation to the NursingCAS so as to hopefully enroll soon. Since I am already an AGNP and an ACNP, I will only be needing to enroll in the DNP portion. And the CMO of my hospital has plenty of projects he would like taken over and figured out (especially for free), so I am hopefully all set in that regard.

Thanks again for your help.


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Sgonso CPNP, you say that the preceptors can have a terminal degree, MD, DO, or DNP. Does that mean all three residency requirements may be filled by a MD or DO? I am asking because I have recently applied to the DNP program and I know physicians who will precept me but I don't know any DNPs here in Oklahoma.

Thank you.

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